About Blue Door

Who We Are

Blue Door Real Estate would not be possible without the courage and imagination of Rene J Sanchez. As early as 2005, Rene started his first steps in the Real Estate market alongside his wife’s cousin who at that time owned a prominent mortgage company. Rene has always had interest in the Real Estate market and grabbed the attention of some investors in the Miami-Dade, Broward County areas. With his first joint ventures, he was able to succeed in the acquisitions of several distressed multifamily units.

Having managed them on his own and remodel them, Rene was soon on his way. He later started a partnership for a company here in Miami, Fl known as R&M Florida Investments where Rene was able to explore his ideas of what he wanted to provide for the South Florida Community. He successfully implemented a property management services division and pre-construction division to add to his Real Estate division. Just recently, Rene and his wife, Maureen decided to make their move and create Blue Door Real Estate Group. Together they have been able to successfully expand into other markets and establish a firm customer base with their exceptional customer service backgrounds and knowledge in the field.

Our Team