Your Success is our success.

management-owners2-realestate-bluedoor-miamiWe are a privately owned real estate company based out of Miami, FL. Unlike the bigger companies that focus on capturing the largest market share, Blue Door focuses on providing high quality boutique-like one-stop shop for the best owners and partnerships. We don’t face the pressure of large corporations that treat their clients as numbers just to make ends meet.

We are set up to achieve the investor’s vision for the property. We have worked with various investors and property types who have different end goals, and always strive to meet their objective. With a team of experienced managers, we are armed for any type of challenge– whether the objective is to sell for a profit after a lease-up or to add the community to the permanent portfolio.

We treat our client’s assets as if they were our own, and therefore don’t cut any corners to make the reports appear better than they are. Under the safeguard of Blue Door Management, you can count on full transparency. That includes access to a portal with any report you would like at any time.

We take our property management venture very seriously. Blue Door knows how important your properties are and understand that at the end of the day, you have to look out for the bottom line. Your profitability is our business.

The reason we are so successful as a property management team is because we work with our investors to be compensated based on a growth formula. In other words, we make money when you make money. This method of compensation has motivated our team to strive for greatness when it comes to the properties.

We strive to deliver unmatched customer service. We understand the importance of having good and responsible tenants and, therefore, pride ourselves in providing a “your client’s clients are our clients too” mentality.

Our Vow to Our Clients

  • We vow to protect our most important assets– Our clients’ and our client’s clients
  • To listen to our client’s concerns and work towards relieving it. Our clients are not cold statistics. They are human beings with unique needs we strive to meet.
  • To service our clients by creating a quality service unique and valuable to them. Investors and tenants don’t interrupt our work. They are our reason for work.