Residential Real Estate

60 Day Sale Guarantee

There are not a lot of brokerages willing to go that extra mile to sell your home for the most money or fastest time. Well Blue Door has a “60 Day Sell Guarantee”. What does that mean? If Blue Door does not sell your home for a great price within 60 days from listing contract date, all closing fees will be paid at our expense! Sounds interesting? Contact us to find out more!

When you’re looking for houses for sale or to sell your home in South Florida, Blue Door provides all the services you need. Our residential real estate experts have the dedication and knowledge to help you sell your home and/or find your dream home. Blue Door believes in creating long-term relationships with clients and providing the highest quality services.

The residential real estate team at Blue Door not only helps you find the best houses for sale or invest property for sale, they also create satisfactory solutions for both the buyer and seller to help finalize the deal. We work with you throughout the process and ensure that you understand everything involved. We stay abreast of changes in the real estate market to provide the best outcome for all real estate transactions.

Greater convenience and access

Blue Door real estate agents work as contacts between sellers and buyers and have great access to all the houses for sale in South Florida. Our team knows what the steps to negotiate a successful real estate deal. They find homes for buyers and list homes for sellers and arrange property viewings that work with everyone’s schedules. By using one of our agents, you don’t have to worry about contacting sellers or trying to advertise your home for sale.

Protection via purchase contract

The purchase contract Blue Door real estate agents use protects you and allows a way out of the deal if the buyer or seller doesn’t meet required conditions. Our team of experts deals with real estate contracts regularly and knows the right conditions to use for each deal. We ensure that our clients have full protection, whether they’re buyers of sellers.

Handle negotiations with houses for sale

When you work with a Blue Door residential real estate agent, that agent handles all the negotiations involved with buying and selling houses for sale. If there’s something about a home you don’t like, your real estate agent can tactfully address the issue with the seller without upsetting anyone. An agent serves as the messenger and negotiator between a buyer and seller and prevents ill feelings between the two parties that can sour a real estate deal. Even with the best intentions, some real estate transactions fall apart and working with an agent prevents anyone from taking it personally. Blue Door real estate agents represent the best interests of their clients.

Working with Blue Door’s experienced residential real estate professionals makes the process of buying or selling a home easier.